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Updated software to v2.5.2


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  • You may notice this anomaly in one of two ways: You are NOT able to add new itemsDuring a version upgrade the 'Version Update' script will return an error and the 'button' to advance to the next upgrade step will not appear
  • Perhaps a better solution is to change the sql_mode to NO_ENGINE_SUBSTITUTION [mysqld] sql_mode = 'NO_ENGINE_SUBSTITUTION'
  • What I've uncovered is a bootstrap 4 breadcrumb.tpl file is needed as the format/flow for bs4 breadcrumbs differs from bs3 (wasn't noted in the bs4 migration notes). The error I was getting in bs4 under scssphp was a coding error in the bootstrapthe…
    in css Breadcrumb Comment by dleffler May 8
  • It appears the more recent scss compiler is not working correctly in regards to css output files.
    in css Breadcrumb Comment by dleffler May 6
  • Yes, there was a change (regression bug) on Jan 23 that attempted to fix some styling issues and did NOT carry over cart.css...I'll try to have a fix for that template (store quick links) soon.
  • Sorry, which view (/cart/show?, cart/checkout?, cart/confirm?) are you looking at when it doesn't load? 
  • What 'view' is this related to? Is it failing to load (an error in the browser console), or is it not being requested to load (in the )? Oh, and what theme engine (Bootstrap 3)?
  • What version of PHP are you running? It's possible your web server is now running a different version and configuration of PHP. It appears that the 'php-xml' module is not being loaded by your web server. That particular portion of Exponent code has…
  • To launch an installation, you'll need to: ensure the '/install/not_configured' file exists...with NO file extensionif you've had a failed installation, you'll want to rename or delete any existing configuration file '/framework/conf/config.php', th…
  • For a fresh install I'd recommend doing an installation and NOT selecting a sample database. Once you have the system up and running, you can do the following in no particular order. Install and switch to your custom themeRestore your backup .eql fi…
  • Generally all versions of Exponent work with MySQL v5.5 to v5.7, though you'll need to change an .ini setting is using 5.7. Support for PHP v5.2 was removed in Exponent v2.3.3. Support for PHP v5.3 & v5.4 was removed in Exponent v2.4.2, and PH…
  • Most likely you're missing the installation 'trigger' file. To install any version of Exponent, the file '/install/not_configured' MUST exist. You cant do this by creating an empty text file of that name or doing a 'touch /install/not_configured'. T…
  • This was fixed in v2.5.0 released a few days ago.
  • This was fixed in v2.5.0 released a few days ago.
  • This was fixed in v2.5.0 released a few days ago. We've reverted to the old JSMIN compressor, but you'll find a new option under Site Configuration, Minify tab to disable JSMIN for css compression and thereby use CSSMIN.
  • I've added a possible fix by returning to use JSMIN instead of CSSMIN for inline css minification (as we did before v2.4.3). The default behavior will now be to use JSMIN, but it could be turned off under Site Configuration by unchecking that option…
  • I've found and fixed this issue. Fix will be included in next release very very soon.
  • Indeed a code problem injected back in v2.4.2patch2...I have a fix and plan to release a massive patch or 2.5.0 very very soon.
  • No, news articles should be in the search index...however, I'm NOT finding them in the search index on my sites...I'll have to take a look. Looks like several modules are not being added to the search index (though pages/text modules, blogs & pr…
  • Is this in an external stylesheet, or within a template? In v2.4.3 we switched the 'inline' CSS minifier to CSSmin.php because the base minifier was removing too many spaces, but the minifier for external sheets is still the base minifier.
  • I've done a little google'ing and generally other ecommerce software only allow banning ip address or illegal email addresses. It sounds like this is a credit card issuer problem with interaction from the card holder. FWIW, we pass all the card info…
  • Not per-se. What payment options are you using? Most will not accept bad payment information.
  • Not yet implemented, and no plans for the near future.
  • After some troubleshooting, I'm pretty sure the file was uploaded inside elFinder and not from the editor. There is an issue with our not setting the file's owner when uploading from elFinder. I have a fix for this and it will be issued as 2.4.3patc…
  • Do you know what method they used to upload the file: drag and drop into the elFinder window or use the elFinder 'upload' commanddrag and drop into the text editorquick upload from within the text editorAnd if done within the text editor, was it CKE…
  • Yes, that should be the logic. Are you using the Traditional File Manger or elFinder?
  • That particular upgrade script runs if there are records in the orders table which have no invoice id assigned nor a purchase date. It is possible that ECOM was turned on at one point? With ECOM active, EVERY site visit will generate an order record…
  • I'm thinking the fix will be to add/code a 'rel="nofollow"' to the other views links on the event views so the spider won't pick up the other views. I'll start adding a fix to the template code that builds links for the next release.
  • I've tested it locally and the feature works as expected. Can you confirm the users are actually added/part of that user group?
  • Is it possible to send me that 'crawler' so I can see where the issue lies?