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Bootstrap3 carousel

I'm working to add a bootstrap 3 carousel to my theme. Is there a way to populate the slides using Exponent, rather than through the code? My boss really likes the look of the bootstrap carousel and wants me to include on our site.


  • We implement the bs3 carousel within the portfolio module.showall carousel view. I also have a custom text module view which does the same I'll upload and attach a link here later today.
  • You can use this link to download the file. It should be installed using the Install Extension feature with the 'Patch' option turned off. It will fill each 'slide' (sm-12) with the text item(s) and if the text item has a graphic attached, it will place it to the right of the text (text in sm-7 and graphic in sm-4). The view configuration has some options about placement of controls and other 'slide' features. There is no option to switch which side the text/graphic is on, but could easily be re-coded.
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