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importing products from csv

Also when I turned error reporting on I get the following error message:

Warning: Creating default object from empty value in /home/shevet0/ on line 2581

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  • By reading the following link I was able to generate a csv file that I thought I could use to import products.

    I inserted my information into the csv but I'm not sure what goes in some of the fields. These fields are currently blank: parent_id, child_rank, meta_title, meta_keywords. With the fields being blank the import process won't complete.

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  • I found this link that describes how to construct the csv to import products:

    I have filled in the information as best I can but I'm not sure about a few of the fields. What goes in parent_id, child_rank, availablity_type ,active_type, product_status_id, catagory_rank, feed_title, feed_body?

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  • FWIW,This feature is greatly enhanced in the pre-release code which should be out as a patch or new version within the next week. Never the less, the 'warning' is just that, a 'warning' that one of the fields was empty...again, resolved in the pre-release code.

    I've not experience any problems importing products (not done on any production system though), as long as you have at least a 'title'. You might try exporting a product csv as a template.

    The 4 fields you list are optional. The only thing I can think of which might cause a incomplete is attempting to set a field value type to something not allowed?

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  • Is the pre-release code the same as the Release level: development?

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  • Yes, the git repo 'develop' branch is the pre-release code for the next version. If you email me the csv, I'll walk through the code to see what the issue is...I've only be working on:

    * a specific 3rd party inventory list a user to could use to update 'quantity' and pull in some other details
    * a slightly edited 'export csv' to make only minor changes

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