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v2.5.1patch3 released to fix additional issues with MySQL v5.7 'strict' mode

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NOTE: DO NOT INSTALL THIS PATCH ON A SERVER RUNNING PHP v5.5.x!!! Your web site will no longer run! PHP versions older than v5.6 are very obsolete and we do not support them. The next version may also remove support for PHP v5.6 and v7.0 since they are considered obsolete.

This patch fixes support for MySQL v5.7.x 'strict' mode, in addition to many other fixes and tweaks. It updates several 3rd party libraries.. For details please visit 

All Exponent CMS users running at least PHP version 5.6 are encouraged to move their installations to v2.5.1 and to install this patch!! Patch #3 to v2.5.1 is found at 

v251patch3 adds these features to v251 and previous patches:
- adds persistence (within session) to dismissed news alert items
- add facebook og:site_name & og:locale meta tags to pages
- add module configuration border styles for left/right/left-right border (however styles must style be defined like in sample themes)

v251patch3 fixes these issues in v251 and previous patches:
- regression fix (v2.5.1p2) file download rss feed fails
- fix bootstrap 4 sample theme to properly move side column to left
- fix sorting by column for some store reports
- fix bs4 module configuration visibility styles options not displayed
- regression fix (v2.5.1p1) changes in jstree page hierarchy change page alias type to null
- regression fix broken less/scss source maps

v251patch3 updates these 3rd party libraries in v251 and previous patches:
- jquery to v3.5.1
- jquery-migrate to v3.3.0
- easypost library to v3.4.5
- bootstrap/bootswatch to v4.5.0
- scssphp to v1.1.0 (not actually updated in last patch)
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