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v2.5.1patch2 released to fix issues with MySQL v5.7 'strict' mode and add new features

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NOTE: DO NOT INSTALL THIS PATCH ON A SERVER RUNNING PHP v5.5.x!!! Your web site will no longer run! PHP versions older than v5.6 are very obsolete and we do not support them. The next version may also remove support for PHP v5.6 and v7.0 since they are considered obsolete.

This patch fixes support for PHP v7.4.x and especially MySQL v5.7.x 'strict' mode, in addition to many other fixes and tweaks. It updates many 3rd party libraries.. Additionally it adds new features such as CDN for major scripts and 'Simple Permissions' (found under the eCommerce tab of Site configuration. For details please visit

All Exponent CMS users running at least PHP version 5.6 are encouraged to move their installations to v2.5.1 and to install this patch!! Patch #2 to v2.5.1 is found at

v251patch2 adds these features to v251 and previous patches:
- switches to CDN for jquery, bootstrap, font-awesome & yui3, which can optionally be turned off
- add optional faster simplified permissions system (site config, ecom tab), users are either a basic user or an admin
- add (limited initial) support for TinyMCE v5 WYSIWYG Editor
- add manage site rss feeds to admin menu
- add optional dismissable for featured news announcements in bs3/4
- add content item link in manage comments list
- add improved display of unapproved comments within post/item display and allow approval
- add universal gravatar support to comments instead of only for Exponent users
- add a limit # years option to blog dates view
- add media info support for video (audio & image) files using getID3 library
- add image dimensions to file picker list widget
- add product show a thumbnail as main image on hover without lightbox

v251patch2 fixes these issues in v251 and previous patches:
- fix (regression v2.5.1p1) many MySQL 'strict' mode anomalies such as...
  - new or copied forms don't work correctly
  - unable to create new news items
  - unable to attach/add categories and non-image file items
- TinyMCE missing essential plugins when only a few custom plugins added
- fix (regression v2.4.2) import files broken on non-MS servers
- fix bs3/4 color control size obscured by validation marker
- fix missing icons in some bs4 management views
- fix (regression v2.2.0) categorized blog list displays sorted by category instead of sorted by entire list
- removes Google+ Signature since Google+ no longer exists
- fix some possible security issues
- fix social feed facebook posts not displaying image
- fix manage comments sort by column
- update code to better utilize system attribution style for names (RSS Feed Item author, etc...)
- fixes broken sort feature on bs4 item order and file manager dialogs
- fix elFinder resize to update image width/height, etc in the database
- re-assess all files filesize, width & height. etc on update

v251patch2 updates these 3rd party libraries in v251 and previous patches:
- tinymce to v4.9.10
- tinymce v5.2.2
- scssphp to v1.1.0
- elFinder to v2.1.56 (plus jQuery v3.5.0 patch)
- jquery to v3.5.0 (reverted use to v3.4.1)
- jquery migrate to v3.2.0 (reverted use to v3.1.0)
- smarty to v3.1.36
- ace editor cdn link to v1.4.11
- codemirror cdn link to v5.53.2
- getID3.php v1.9.19
- moment.js to v2.25.0
- simplepie to v1.5.5
- phpThumb to 1.7.15
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