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Banning users?

Is it possible to ban a user in Exponent? On an e-commerce site I had a user register but it turns out that it a fraudulent user. I would like to ban them so they don't try to place more orders.  


  • Not per-se. What payment options are you using? Most will not accept bad payment information.
  • I'm using Paypal Payflow. The card number was stolen. The ship to and bill to addresses were different, and the phone number was wrong for the person listed. We googled the person and found a different number that matched up to the billing address and called it. They didn't order anything from us. We told them to report the card number as stolen. This is the second time in the past month this has happened. 
  • I've done a little google'ing and generally other ecommerce software only allow banning ip address or illegal email addresses. It sounds like this is a credit card issuer problem with interaction from the card holder. FWIW, we pass all the card info, the user name and address and ip address to PayPal. We do not pass the user phone number (since it's not a valid parameter). So for all intents and purposes, PayPal says it's valid. I'm not sure what method is used to determine if it shouldn't be processed because it might appear fraudulent.

    Since Exponent allows guest users to checkout without creating an account (actually it does create an invisible account), you can't really pre-ban future users. You might be able to ban ip addresses at the (web) server with a custom .htaccess?
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