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v2.4.3patch1 released to fix Issues with elFinder and Bootstrap 4

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NOTE: DO NOT INSTALL THIS PATCH ON A SERVER RUNNING PHP v5.5.x!!! Your web site will no longer run! PHP versions older than v5.6 are very obsolete and we will not support them in the next version release. The next version may also remove support for PHP v5.6 and v7.0 since they will have been considered obsolete by the start of 2019.

This patch addresses several issues for Bootstrap 4 and elFinder. All Exponent CMS users running at least PHP version 5.6 are encouraged to move their installations to v2.4.3 and to install this patch!! Patch #1 to v2.4.3 is found at

v243patch1 adds these features to v243:
- removes support for PHP v5.5 (prepping way to eventually remove 5.6 & 7.0 also)
- adds optional support for elFinder ZohoOffice editor if api key is defined
- adds optional support for elFinder using MS Office online preview over Google Docs
- add generic facebook and twitter meta info to all pages, use theme logo if it exists
- add Kint v3 eDebug support (must be in folder /kint3)

v243patch1 fixes these issues in v243:
- language phrase libraries not updated prior to v243 release
- fix form wizard subheaders shown on small devices
- regression fix bs3/bs4 view orders unable to load select2-bootstrap.css file
- regression fix jstree fails to load if minify linked js turned on
- regression fix elFinder not setting file owner on file upload
- fix elFinder sets file owner to current (non-admin?) user if new file was found on server
- fix elFinder only file owner or admin may change file's shared, title or alt entries
- regression fix bootstrap 4 toggles widget
- regression fix bs4 slingbar picking up theme styles
- regression fix bs4 listbuilder control broke dialogs (form module configuration)
- regression fix bs4 hardcoded chrome style sometimes missing

v243patch1 updates these 3rd party libraries in v243:
- TinyMCE to v4.8.2
- ReCaptcha lib to v1.2.1
- popper.js to v 1.14.4
- elFinder to v2.1.42
- SimplePie to v1.5.2
- Font-Awesome to v5.3.1
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