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v2.4.2patch7 released to fix several Issues

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This patch addresses several regression issues especially with CKEditor. We strongly encourage all Exponent installations be upgraded to v2.4.2 with this patch as soon as practical! Patch #6 to v2.4.2 is found at 

NOTE: You may need to perform a manual update after installation of this patch if you installed an earlier version of the patch #5 release (version would be displayed as 2.4.3 Develop). A manual update can be performed if you are logged in as a super-admin and taking the browser to

v242patch7 adds these features to v242 and previous patches:

  • adds dropdown configuration settings to simpletheme
  • adds a sample NGINX server configuration file for sef urls
  • add display of socialfeed facebook link type post thumbnails
  • add optional mapquest maps option now that google maps will cost to use

v242patch7 fixes these issues in v242 and previous patches:

  • regression fix 'show past events' should be most recent first
  • regression fix (v242) export files/themes broken
  • regression fix (v242) bootstrap4 (or theme custom) shipping/billing calculator views not displayed
  • fix minified css removed necessary spaces
  • regression fix (v242p4) unable to update group membership
  • regression fix (v242p6) ckeditor file upload send to server feature broken
  • fix issues with ckeditor custom toolbar if empty lines are at end of configuration
  • regression fix (242p6) ckeditor undo feature missing

v242patch7 updates these 3rd party libraries in v242 and previous patches:

  • elFinder to 2.1.39
  • TinyMCE to 4.7.13
  • YADCF to v0.9.3
  • scssphp to v0.7.6
  • moment.js to v2.22.2


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