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v2.4.2patch4 released to fix new users unable to create an account

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This patch addresses an error introduced in Exponent CMS v2.4.1patch6 which prevented new users being able to create a new account. It also enhances ecommerce interaction with huge data tables. We strongly encourage all Exponent installations be upgraded to v2.4.2 with this patch as soon as practical! Patch #4 to v2.4.2 is found at

v242patch4 adds these features to v242 and previous patches:
- allow optional custom import/export methods
- adds # child products to the manage products view
- adds view customer to the manage users view if ecom is on

v242patch4 fixes these issues in v242 and previous patches:
- fix to get the bs3 view order invoice map to display correctly (instead of gray)
- regression fix users unable to create their own account
- regression fix (v242p2) some search issues
- better large ecom database optional support (orders, products, & users)
  - still lacks group membership & permissions support
  - removes tabletools & responsive support (at least temporarily)

v242patch4 updates these 3rd party libraries in v242 and previous patches:
- TinyMCE to v4.7.6
- Adminer database manager to v4.6.1
- jQuery to v3.3.1
- SwiftMailer to v5.4.9 (though we still also ship v6.0.2 for php 7.x)
- scssphp to v0.7.5
- elFinder to v2.1.32
- DataTables to v1.10.16
- jquery datetimepicker to v2.5.18
- phpxmlrpc to v 4.3.1
- normalize.css to v8.0.0
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