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v2.4.2patch1 released to fix email failure

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This patch addresses a fatal error found in Exponent CMS v2.4.1 which prevented sending email on non-windows systems running PHP v7.0 or newer, or any system running PHP v7.0 or newer and using the php  simple mail option which is now deprecated due to security concerns. It is recommended that users re-configure their site to use SMTP mailing instead of the simple mail option under Site Configuration, or they ensure their system supports a call to '/usr/sbin/sendmail' which is the replacement for php simple mail when running on PHP v 7.0 or newer. We strongly encourage all Exponent installations be upgraded to v2.4.2 with this patch as soon as practical! Patch #1 to v2.4.2 is found at

v242patch1 adds these features to v242:
- add version constants for some HTMLTOPDF engines to facilitate easier future updates
- update store category tree to display number of products in category and flag improper category selection
- Microsoft IIS server compatibility (requires url_rewrite module), thanks to Todd Giardina, Todd's IT
- Additional db indexes added which should improve performance on sites with much data (blogs, ecommerce)
- enhance adding new items by only adding that single item to the search index instead of re-indexing the entire module

v242patch1 fixes these issues in v242:
- !!regression fix (v242) sending mail crashes under php v7+ on non-windows server or when using simple mail option on php v7+ on any system
- resolve some cross-domain (https to http) security issues (this was NOT a vulnerability)
- resolve some store/showall and time limit issues with large databases
- fix db manager calendar widget saving wrong dates

v242patch1 updates these 3rd party libraries in v242:
- jstree to v3.3.5
- mediaelement.js to v4.2.8
- adminer (db manager) to v4.4.0

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