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Control error in form


I get this with adding a text area:
Fatal error: Call to undefined method stdClass::controlToHTML() in /framework/core/forms/fakeform.php on line 198
Which is new/surprising, I have several forms on this website with an text area on it. They still work properly.
It's Exponent 2.4.1 p6


  • It's possible the new control wasn't saved correctly into the the Database, Manage Database item from the Exponent menu, Super Admin tools. Open the 'forms_control' table to view the data. Browse to the END of the table, looking at the 'data' field. which each beginning with something like O:17:" and then the control type name. I suspect you'll find an entry which contains 'stdClass' instead of 'texteditorcontrol'

    Select that line with it's checkbox, then click on the 'Delete' button below the list of table records. The 'bad' control will no longer be in the form.
  • Funny thing: I get an access denied; you must already be logged into Exponent, which I of course was...
    I tried twice yesterday and just deleted the froms when I got the error, tried again just now and now it works again.
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