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Error reporting on to see forms

Hi Dave,
I've made a new install, newest version, including patches, imported an .eql (same version) and found that all my forms had disappeared. Untill I turned error reporting on: they appeared again. Because I still have a problem with the file upload in a form, it's not very charming to leave error reporting on. Any solutions?

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  • Confirm you installed patch #6? What is the error/warning being displayed with the forms?
  • Yes, patch 6 is there.
    The weird thing is, is that the forms only show with error reporting on. They disappear with error reporting is off. But no errors are reported (or in developer tools).

    Except what I had earlier, and still do: the file upload in a form. The error is:
    Notice: Undefined index: foto_product in XXX//forms/controllers/formsController.phpon line 618
  • Just to confirm, this is a bootstrap 3 theme? and we're talking about the initial display of the form (not the 'confirm entries' or 'form submitted' stages)?

    Is the 'undefined index' notice display after submitting a form (e.g., the initial display, then moving to the confirm entries)?
  • For the forms not displaying: yes, it's a bootstrap3 theme and yes, on initial display.

    For the error in file upload: yes: the notice displays after submitting the form
  • Though it shouldn't change with the error reporting it possible you have turned on 'Restrict Form Entry' on the Forms tab of the forms module configure settings?

    Regarding the other problem...Is the warning for line 619 instead of line 618? Your server may have issues uploading files?
  • Right...I don't fully document ALL the code changes in the changelog (you'd need to look at the extensive github commit log instead). I have a feeling the formsController.php and/or the uploadontrol.php (and/or assoc files) have changed structure slightly and clash with older customized versions.

    You can customize a controller, but you'd need to put the whole 'module' (controller, model, definitions, views, and assets) into the theme. The system always looks for the controller/model/view in the theme before the system, but the controller location determines where it looks for the 'assets' folder.
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