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Copy Modules/Containers

Is there any way to copy an entire Container or even just Modules from say one page to another?


  • There is no way to copy containers/modules per se...but here are some workarounds depending on what your intent is:
    1. If you simply want to 'share' the content and have it appear in two places (on two pages), create the new page, add the same modules with the same actions and views, then edit the 'Configuration Settings' for each of the modules and under the "Aggregation' tab, select the same module on the original page. (by default all blog modules share all blog content unless you select the 'Segregate this blog's content?' setting under the Aggregation tab)
    2. If you want to move the content from the old page to a new page, you can use the 'Recycle Bin' as a cut and paste intermediary. When you remove/delete a module from a page it is only placed in the recycle bin with it's content intact. Next go to the new page and add a new module of the same type and use the 'Recycle Bin' feature where all deleted modules of that type will be displayed.
  • In my particular case, I'd like to be able to copy an entire container (or just modules within the container) to another page.  It's a scenario where I want to maintain most of the structure and just need to slightly modify the content on each page.

    Any way to potentially implement this manually via the database or any other means?
  • Nothing like that, and working with the database would likely end up taking more time than simply making a list of the containers/modules/actions/views on the original page and manually recreating it.

    There was something called 'Page Sets/Templates' in v0.9x, but it didn't work very well and wasn't transitioned into the 2.x code. I might eventually be able to come up with that feature, but would need some more details, such as:
    • would the 'copied' page structure be identical to the 'original' page? (I'm assuming yes)
    • would the 'copied' page contain ALL the content from the 'original' page which would in reality be a duplicate of all the module items on the 'original' page and NOT simply a link (aggregated) to the modules on the original page?
  • The answer would be 'Yes' to both of those questions.

    The site I'm working on has a large site map, so it may justify the database work for me, as I'll need to manually recreate these containers many times.

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