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Can't Minify and Combine linked js scripts?

On two of my sites, when I have "Minify and Combine linked js scripts?" enabled I get the following errors in Firebug. 
"NetworkError: 404 Not Found -"

I've tried going to Admin -> Super Admin Tools -> System Cache -> Clear all Caches but the error messages still appear. Both of the problematic sites are running 2.3.8 patch 3.


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    The problem is related to webshim attempting to load its modules based on how it was loaded itself. CKEditor used to also have this issue.

    Your easiest (temporary) fix is to turn off that setting (along with 'Combine YUI3 items' which also seems to be broken).  I'll start to look at a possible fix, but it may take a while
  • Ok, there is now a fix posted in the pre-release code for either v2.3.8patch4 or v2.3.9...

    - regression fix several 'minify' problems; 
      - minfy has probably been broken since exp v2.3.8 with the move to minify v2.3.0 we failed to customize its config.php file
      - the yui3 'combine' function has probably been broken for a long... time
      - and a fix to webshim to not complain/fail-to-load when it is loaded via minify (required our moving to non-minifed webshim at least temporarily)
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