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Text Module --> Unable to apply images from server

I just wanted to add that I'm using the CKEditor, if that makes any difference.

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  • While using the WYSIWYG editor for a Text Module, I am unable to attach an image that resides on the server. The 'image properties' window opens, I hit 'Browse Server' next to the URL field which opens a file browser showing the available items on the server. Upon selecting an image and double clicking on it, or right-clicking on the image and selecting 'Select files', the file browser window simply closes and does NOT copy the path to that image in the URL field in the 'Image Properties' widget.

    I am being forced to manually copy/type the URL of the image into the URL field which is defeating the purpose of being able to browse for it.

    What may be causing this?

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  • What code version are you using? (v2.3.4patch1?) There was a regression bug specifically for what you see which crept in which has since been squashed in the pre-release code, not sure when it began.

    You best bet is to temporarily switch to the 'traditional' file manage on the site configuration, file manager tab. It should work.

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  • Yes, the traditional file manager lets me work around this issue for the time being.

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  • Yes, I am currently running v2.3.4patch1.

    Are you saying this bug will be fixed in an upcoming patch?

    I'll try the other file manager in the meantime and let you know. Thanks.

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