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Flydown with 2.3.0 - template?

I styled a bit flydown navigation and that's ok to do via css.
How to either remove this line below or change it to a logo? (editing the code is simple once I know which tpl affects on it)

< a class="navbar-brand" href="" >WebsiteBrand</ a >

I removed that line from the tpl file showall_Flydown.bootstrap3.tpl and uploaded that my own theme (folder "modules"). But it had no effect.

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  • We don't allow template variants in a theme (a theme can only be one framework), so rename it to simply showall_Flydown.tpl

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  • Aha, that's great to know. Several times I have wondered why sometimes works, sometimes not. (I guess my mind is still with the conventions of 0.9x series! :D )

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  • Hey, does this idea of having only one framework mean that even with the newest Exp version the fine, beautiful new admin sling bar changes to the old ones if you use YUI framework instead of the responsive / bootstrap?

    I'm just kind of laughing at myself here because said to a client that their new admin looks really great, new design and then we saw that it actually looks the same than before for them due to their choice of staying with a non-responsive site.

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  • The NewUI is NOT available to a bootstrap2 theme, is the default for a bootstrap3 theme and is optional for other themes. To activate it, you'll need to add a line to your /framework/conf/config.php file setting NEWUI to 1. Though the slingbar and chrome parts are working fairly well, we can't guarantee that all the buttons/links/forms, etc.. across all the views will receive bootstrap3 styling.


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  • I would like to use Flydown.boostrap3 with one of my sites. I like how it works on mobile devices, that you tap on the menu then it appears. If I use a desktop browser I get this big menu all the time. Hopefully this link will show you want I'm talking about:


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  • Basically, just a styling issue which could be corrected within the theme's stylesheet, such as reducing the font size.

    #topnavbar .navbar {
    font-size: 75%;

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