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Video module responsive

I future if it´s possible the video module window fit the space where is in. In this mobile world all the structure are responsive but the video.


  • Just to confirm, this is the Media Player module? Is this related to uploaded videos, or Youtube urls?
  • Both. I try every resource in CSS but only with JS I can do my video window responsive but if I do this I´ll lose it in next upgrade
  • Ok, the quick fix (before the next release in a few weeks), is to edit the /framework/modules/mediaplayer/views/media/medialist.tpl file (or medialist.bootstrap3.tpl if using a bootstrap 3 based theme)
    Edit the line ~#44 from
    <div class="video media"{if $config.use_lightbox} style='display:none'{/if}>
    <div class="video media"{if $config.use_lightbox} style='display:none'{else} style="width:80%;max-width:960px;margin:0 auto;"{/if}>
    and line ~#50 from
    <video class="{$config.video_style}" width="{$item->width|default:$config.video_width}" height="{$item->height|default:$config.video_height}"
    <video class="{$config.video_style}"  style="width:100%;height:100%;" width="{$item->width|default:$config.video_width}" height="{$item->height|default:$config.video_height}"

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