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E-commerce Database tables

Which tables are added as part of using the E-Commerce module(s)? I was trying out the E-Commerce functionality on my site and decided not to use it on that particular domain. Now I'd like to get rid of the tables in the database since I don't need them.


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  • FIRST, a word of can NOT delete (drop) the tables or Exponent will cease to function, but you can 'empty' (truncate) them! (this comment is included for others who happen to view it)

    The following tables are 'populated by installing the ecommerce.sql from the site configuration page (NOT the store database sample, though they are similar). Unless your database is too large to function, leaving these tables in place will not be a problem as long as you de-activate all the e-commerce modules and do no 'force' e-commerce on within the site configuration.

    * bing_product_types
    * geo_country

    * geo_region

    * google_product_types

    * nextag_product_types

    * order_status

    * order_type

    * pricegrabber_product_types

    * product_status
    * shopping_product_types

    * shopzilla_product_types

    * tax_class

    * tax_geo

    * tax_rate
    * tax_zone

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  • I'm trying to get rid of the products I had entered. I already de-activated the e-commerce modules. However when the 404 page appears, it still suggests products.

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  • Emptying the 'product' table and then performing an Exponent menu, Site Management, Regenerate Search Index should fix that. I'll check to make sure we are not 'indexing' de-activated modules.

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  • FWIW, we add the content of EVERY module in the system to the search index...for the next release (v2.3.4?) we'll only 'spider' the active modules.

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