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Portfolio module items inline?

is there a setting in the newest Exp to have the portfolio items side-by-side (inline), not below each others like they are in the default? I'll make it via stylesheet, just thought if it would be thought somehow in a responsive way already. In that case wouldn't need to invent the wheel again.

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  • Basically, all the portfolio views were designed to be single column stacked (not forced, just the way they have been used)

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  • Text module has a view "inline" but wondering what "inline" means in this case
  • The 'Inline' Text module view allows you to edit 'in-line' meaning you can edit, add, or delete the content directly ON the web page without going to new 'edit' view. Click on the text item or title and the editor toolbar appears. When you click on 'add' or 'delete' the title/body instantly appears/is-removed.

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  • Ok, that's great as a function of course if somebody wishes. So, it has nothing to do with the layout organization done INLINE.

    By the way, I noted that when you click to ADD more items or DELETE an item, you go to another page where you need to repeat the command to ADD or DELETE. Most of users are lost in this point and wondering why they need to repeat the command or they can't even understand they should repeat it.

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  • If that's the case (takes you to a new page), then the javascript on the page is either broken or not yet fully loaded...the purpose/point is that you can do all your editing of any text module directly on the page without leaving it (in-line) for truly what-you-see-is-what-you-get.

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