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How to upgrade an exponent 2.x website to a more recent version?

I need to upgrade my up and running exponent 2.0.5 website to a more recent exponent version (most likely the latest 2.3.x). I was looking for a guide but I could only find information about how to migrate from 0.9x to 2.0 ( Can someone please point me to a resource where I can learn more on upgrading an existing 2.x system?

Alternatively, can someone please give me some short step-by-step instructions on how to upgrade my 2.x system?

Any help is appreciated. Many thanks in advance.

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  • 'Migration' is from importing/converting data from the OLD cms. You'd just want to do an upgrade. However it looks like we should have a specific doc/help area for upgrading versions, so I'll get to work on one.

    - Preparation
    -- Ensure your custom theme is actually a 'custom' theme and not simply one of the three shipped themes (simpletheme, bootstraptheme, or bootstrap3theme) since they will be overwritten when you extract the package. Here's how to make a custom theme
    -- If you've customized any system file (views) apart from those in the /themes folder, you'll need to 'move' them into your custom theme using the same general structure (theme customization override any system files)
    -- Next, you'll want to make sure your custom theme is 2.x compliant. We had allowed for obsolete commands in custom themes up through v2.2.0, but that is no longer the case. Here's how to update your custom theme to v2.x compliant If you want to slowly make your way toward the most recent version, you can install v2.2.1 which still has a compatibility layer and will warn you of any custom theme issues which need to be updated.
    -- Next, you'll want to backup or export your current database using the Exponent menu. It's always a good idea to keep a recent backup .eql file. Though we won't overwrite the /files folder, it's also a good idea to keep a backup archive of it using the Files menu.
    - Update Files
    -- At this point, you can download the Exponent version package (NOT a patch file) for the version you want to upgrade to.
    -- You should already be logged onto your site as a super-admin to run the upgrade.
    -- Extract the package to your 'root' folder over the top of your existing installation
    --- the new files/folders MUST have the same permissions/owners as the old ones. They should be the same 'owner' as the web server and have a '755' permission. If they are in the same 'group', but NOT the same owner, you could try '775' permissions.
    - Update the Database
    -- When you refresh the browser page, it should alert you to a database upgrade being needed with a link to start it.
    --- If your site appears, but has mostly blank pages or has missing modules, DO NOT BE ALARMED! The database must be updated to the same version as the files you just extracted first.
    --- If for some reason it doesn't work and the page is completely empty (as in the 'page' is badly broken), you can manually begin an upgrade by going to You MUST be logged on as a super-admin to run an upgrade, which is why we logged on before updating the files
    -- Fix any errors or warning you run across during the upgrade steps
    -- Some of the 'upgrade scripts' are optional and you need to decide if you want to run them.
    -- When the upgrade is completed, you'll be taken back to the main site logged in as the same super-admin (new to v2.3.1)

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  • Thank you very much, this was very helpful.

    One comment: I had again once to edit the .htaccess file in the root directory (just as in this issue for the the pages to work properly. All I did was adding [code]RewriteBase /[/code] right after turning on the rewrite engine.

    I don't know whether this is a general problem or just an oddity of my webspace provider.

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  • By chance is this site installed in a subfolder called 'new'?

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  • hi,,

    After a few recent requests, we've (finally) added several help ..

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  • You can also use the upgrade guide from this link:

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