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Shopping cart page link and "Shipping Address Country

I was testing in the militaryuniformsupply . com that it actually validates the states, zip codes etc in the checkout process. Maybe this error could be related in the validation of "Shipping Address Country"?

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  • Hello again,

    trying to set up Exp e-commerce so that we would get an order process through.
    I noted it is hard to go back to the shopping cart page if you get out from that process as a customer. Then you need to add another product to the shopping cart and you'll get to see the shopping cart page in which you can then remove the excess items of products.

    Exponent was nicely advising to set up Order Defaults and Order statuses etc. Those all worked at once set up but now we got stucked with this error message while making a test purchase:

    An error was encountered while processing your transaction.
    The following errors occurred: The field Shipping Address Country is required.

    I can't find any country missing in the sample customer's shipping info. Also the shop has its country set up now. What could be this complaint about?

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  • I'd recommend using the ecommerce 'quicklinks' action/view which is a good ecommerce replacement for the login views. It displays/allows quick access to the cart, user profile/address book, and past orders.

    Since we normally recommend starting with the ecommerce default database (either loading it as a sample, or using the site configuration ecommerce tab)...what action are you trying to perform when the error occurs? The sequence for checkout is usually: show cart, cart checkout, process cart (submit). What payment type/option and what shipping type/option are you using?

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  • Just guessing, but it would appear that in the customer's shipping address, they failed to select a country. Did you select a 'default' country in the Manage Geography Settings page?

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  • I just put here that the others can follow too if needed since we changed some private messages. So, Paypal part seems ok with the github repo patch that will come out as an official patch soon. We just need to have the "state" not to be needed to be selected if the customer is from a country that has actually no states.

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  • I could meanwhile import some regions from the sample database but how can I do that for a site that is not installed from the beginning but it is already alive with other type of content in it?

    From the site configuration guides:

    Import default ecommerce information into the database here
  • With the sample database I still get the USA states for Finland too. I chose "Alabama" to go ahead and added only basic "Bill Me" and "Store Pick Up" as payment and shipping method.
    After filling the customer info (no password option) and clicking to go ahead, the site loses its stylesheet. I manage to see all the right links, although not pretty site, and get the order done.
    On the moment of the stylesheet got missing, I can see in the error log:

    PHP Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 134217728 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 130968 bytes) in /home/mysite123/public_html/ad/framework/core/models/expRecord.php on line 127

    I do not have any special memory issues with other functions or with other sites in the same server.

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  • I noted that the ISO code in the sample database (commerce.eql) is the ISO code for the currency, not for the country since Finland is there 978 that is the currency code for the euro and used in many countries. Is this correct to be so?

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  • You should be able to use the database manager to simply import the two sql files geo_regions and geo_countries. Please keep in mind they are SQL statement files and not exponent eql files.

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  • Regarding the error, PHP ran out of server memory wince only 128Meg is allocated (which is the default). Sometimes recursive operations run php out of memory.

    Regarding the ISO codes, I personally can't vouch for any of the into in the ecommerce sql data since I only used what was already in the 'package' when I first arrived on the scene. I simply turned it into something which could be loaded within the site configuration tab or as a sample site setup.

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