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Can't set up Geography Settings and Tax Class

For some reason I can't set up in e-commerce module the Geography Settings and Tax Class.
It doesn't have any other button than saving the configuration but where do I actually SELECT what is the configuration?

I would have snapshot of the screen but apparently I can't add pictures in this forum:

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Geography Settings

Select the Countries and States/Provinces below that you would like to show for users creating billing and shipping addresses:

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There is nothing listed between the buttons (Save / Cancel) and the Country, State


  • There is no gui for building/editing the region/country tables (geo_country/geo_region). The best bet is to import the sample database (or the ecommerce samples using the Ecommerce tab of Site Configuration) or load the geo_regions.sql & geo_countires.sql files from /framework/modules/addressbook/assets/sql/.

    FWIW, the Address/Geo Settings determine which countries/regions are available to the user/administration (and to set the default region/country selected when customers create a new address). THEREFORE, you'd need to select all the countries and regions you want to be available to the system. Once you've done this, you'll see the lists populated with those regions/countries (Manage Tax Classes)

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  • I've just implemented a gui to add/edit/delete countries & regions from the Address/Geo Settings view. It's in the 'master' github repo slated for a patch#3 release soon since it fixes another bad bug (loss of admin/super-admin status when changing password)

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  • Hi, thanks I got the adding of countries working.
    Now when adding a tax class, I have the country there already selected but when I save the tax class, it doesn't get saved / not appear on the list.

    Now when I'm adding a product, I saw there 4 times the tax class I have tried to add. So, the adding of the tax class have actually worked but it just didn't get listed in the "Tax classes" in the admin.

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  • Sorry to say, but it's a known issue (though without a ticket). There is a problem with one of the SQL statement 'joins' which compounds the two tables instead of providing discrete results (each region/state multiplies the results). I've never worked with taxes on a running site and in most cases, taxes are limited to only sales in that specific state where purchases made from other states are tax exempt.

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