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v2.3.0patch2 released to fix some problems

We've uncovered some bugs and other issues, and fixed them in v2.3.0 (stable and patch#1). This patch can be applied to any site already running v2.3.0 or v2.3.0patch1. In addition to the fixes found in 230patch1, 230patch2 provides the following:
* Fixes text module tabs in tabbed view for bootstrap v3
* Adds countdown module circle timer view
* Fixes reCaptcha widget to use url and actually use selected theme, and adds Bootstrap v3 styled theme
* Adds a password strength meter (and error messages) to 'change password' bootstrap3 views
* Photoalbum slideshow touch/slideshow bootstrap views (exocolo) are now responsive
* Fixes broken 'finished' page on 'install extension'
* Removes some unnecessary newui form control files
* Adds some missing styles and tweaks twitter bootstrap v3 form control styling
* Tweaks event registration (show view)
* Removes meta viewport initial-scale setting (now only set explicitly)
* Fixes can't export event registrants when event was full
* Fixes view event registrants display/actions if quantity is zero/unlimited
* Fixes warning when search results should not be visible
* Adds html5 canvas support for I#E8
* Fixes publish/unpublish calendar widget display for bootstrap3/newui
* Fixes page break summary on showall views
* Fixes/removes wide left margin on links quicklinks view
* Fixes css loading logic for css_links and css_theme so they can actually be turned off and loading core css inside ajax call (old file manager)
* Changes smarty template compilation logic to prevent conflicts when switching theme frameworks (during development)
* Fixed edit store order status change & communication to actually use stored phrases
* Fixes blog headlines view blank display if # of posts not set; adds new blog 'recent with comments' view
* Fixes TinyMCE editor to actually load custom plugins if set in configuration
* Removes a debug statement in text module showall view
* Changes 'cloud' views to fill justify and fixes some styling issues
* Updates
** CKEditor t v4.4.1
** Font-Awesome to v4.1.0
** TimeCircles jquery addon to v1.4.0
** jquery-ui-timepicker to v1.4.5
** datetimepicker jquery addon to v2.2.8
** TinyMCE editor to v4.0.28

Patch #2 for v2.3.0

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