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Super admin disabled after creating a secondary admin

Anybody seen happening with the latest 2.3.0 that if you create a secondary admin the superadmin looses the admin powers totally?

I made a secondary admin without super admin powers, tested it and then tried to log back with the super admin account. The page didn't show any sign I would be logged in but when going to the log in page again it gave a "logout" button. So, the super admin was logged in but without any powers.

User account page in the admin (using the secondary admin) shows that the super admin is NOT marked as an admin and the secondary admin can't control that account either.

Should I go to fix this straight to the db?

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  • Yes, the fix would be to go to the db. You might check if is_admin && is_acting_admin are clear/0 or set/1, and if this is the main admin account (created at installation), should also have is_system_user is set/1.

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  • Just to report, both is_admin && is_acting_admin were "0" and it was fixed by marking them "1".

    I also noted that this actually happens when changing your super admin password. I haven't tested if it happens with the normal admin account as well. Last time I added admin and changed the super admin password at the same time, so I thought the lacking powers were due to adding another admin but the reason is the password change.

    This site doesn't have the latest patch yet. Is there anything for this?

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  • This bug has been reproduced and confirmed. Working on a fix for patch#3, probably out in the next day or so (as soon as this fix is completed).

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  • This issue has now been fixed in the 'master' github repo and will be released in the upcoming patch#3 now due out by this Friday

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  • A newbie question: How install patch#3?

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  • The easiest method is from within Exponent itself:
    1. Log in as a Super Admin
    2. Select the Exponent menu, Super-Admin Tools, Extensions, Install Extension menu item
    3. Select the 'Fixes' tab to display the most recent patches for all released versions
    4. Check/Select the patch you want to install (it is imperative you only install patches to your current version!)
    5. Click on the 'Install Selected Patches' button
    6. Once the patch is installed, you should see a message stating your system needs to be upgraded. Click on that link to begin the Upgrade process.

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  • Thanks.
    FYI, Step #5 I noticed the 'Install' button is red & at very bottom of patches list. Sorry I missed that one.
    Last night, I did the download instead & made a 'patch' folder--sure this is what went wrong. Will re-do this tonight (starting over).

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