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v2.2.3patch3 released to address a number of issues

(Repackaged early Dec 9, 2013 to fix some errors) We've fixed several issues including an anomaly with the new 'privacy' feature which may prevent modules from being displayed. This patch can be applied to any site already running v2.2.3, v2.2.3patch1 or v2.2.3patch2. The patch fixes these issues:

* Problem fully upgrading an EAAS module youtube to media player configuration[/*]

* Fixes the navigation sidebar flyout view for bootstrap themes[/*]

* Fixes the renderAction to NOT require the full view name to process correctly (can now pass url/module/headline instead of url/module/showall_headline)[/*]

* Fixes broken pages if reCaptcha is not configured[/*]

* Prevents adding empty searches to the search query history[/*]

* Fixes the broken text module inline edit view[/*]

* Adds slideshow options if photo album gallery landing page set to slideshow[/*]

* Adds the missing toggle collapse mobile responsive layout feature of the sample bootstrap theme[/*]

* Allows setting menu collapse width in theme configuration settings![/*]

* Adds responsive layout work-around for IE 6-8[/*]

* Updates CKEditor to v4.2.2[/*]

* Fixes some issues which could break an EQL (database) import during form table rebuilding[/*]

* Fixes date output of rss feeds[/*]

* Adds new 'Configure RSS Settings' button to the RSS module showall view (which displays a list of all RSS feeds on the site)[/*]

* Makes more of the bootstrap theme buttons appear correctly as bootstrap buttons[/*]

* (patch #2) Fixes several crashes introduced in patch1 due to misplaced bootstrap theme files[/*]

* (patch #2) Fix page crash (slingbar) when non-admin user logged in[/*]

* (patch #2) Fix page crash when displaying Event module Week view[/*]

* (patch #2) Now saves LDAP password as encrypted[/*]

* (patch #2) Fixes bad path for custom user profile extensions (and some other mangled paths)[/*]

* (patch #2) Cleans up sample bootstrap theme views (sidebar now in 'well', flyout sidebar in all subthemes)[/*]

* (patch #2) Updates Minify (minification script) to v2.1.7[/*]

* (patch #2) Fixes display of non-images when browsing for a 'link' in File Manager[/*]

* (patch #2) Now filters to display only images displayed in File Manager, when adding an image only file[/*]

* (patch #2) Adds missing 'Field Insert' editor plugin needed for Forms Report Designs[/*]

* (patch #2) Fixes ability to create online event registrations[/*]

* (patch #2) Fixes mangling of wysiwyg text in saving module configurations[/*]

* (patch #2) Fixes sending event reminders which wasn't working[/*]

* (patch #2) Fixes date display when editing an event in a series[/*]

* (patch #2) Fixes re-ranking of nested containers when one is deleted (we were leaving an empty container previously)[/*]

* (patch #2) Updates generateSiteMap.php (sitemap.xml) script to optionally add images and videos[/*]

* (patch #3) changes new privacy feature default to OFF unless set in site configuration due to sectionref issues[/*]

* (patch #3) adds new upgrade script to clean up the sectionref table[/*]

* (patch #3) fixes some form module submission bugs[/*]

* (patch #3) fixes bootstrap navbar to work correctly w/ 2nd level children when collapsed/responsive[/*]

* (patch #3) fixes default setting for noindex/nofollow being set to ON instead of OFF[/*]

* (patch #3) fixes regression bug when non-admin users could NOT add new modules when granted permission[/*]

* (patch #3) fixes some optional ajax pagination in events module[/*]

* (patch #3) fixes manage tags bulk edit[/*]

* (patch #3) fixes some IE9 crashes[/*]

* (patch #3) fixes regression bug where super-admins could not see other user's files[/*]

* (patch #3) fixes regression bug on add module views (standard & bootstrap) to correctly respond to selected items[/*]

Patch #3 for v2.2.3

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