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Changing Themes in 2.3

I was going to change themes today on one of my sites that's running 2.3 patch 1. I navigated to the display section within the Configure Website page, then noticed that the "Display Theme Options" link was not there. I also check a couple other of my sites, one with patch 1 and one with out. None displayed the link. I know that changing DISPLAY_THEME_REAL in framework/conf/config.php changes the theme but I was surprised that it cannot be changed from within the browser any more.

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  • That link was simply a leftover from the before the days of 2.0 stable (before we had a manage themes view). It was simply a shortcut to the Exponent menu, super-admin tools, extensions, manage themes item...which was causing some issues on non-sef-url systems. The proper method is to go though the 'slingbar' instead of site configuration.

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  • Thanks, I totally overlooked that. Guess I'm too used to the "old school" way. :)

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