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password lost, what to do?

I have a website based on Exponent. I think it is version 0.96.5.
The site is about 7 years old and is sometimes maintained.
The last time was long ago and now I cannot find the password for the CMS again.
I think it is changed but I don't know to what.
I have via ftp access to all the files and ik can read teh database, but I cannot decode the password.

What can I do?

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  • Probably the easiest thing to do is to edit the database 'users' table (exponent_users) by editing the first record (should be the admin user) and delete the 'password' field. This will let you logon as that user with no password. I'd then immediately change the password after logging in.

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  • Please explain how to 'edit the database users table'? (newbie)

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  • Since you apparently can't log into Exponent as a super-admin, you don't have access to the included Database Manager. You'd have to use the database manager (phpMyAdmin?) supplied by your web host to view the Exponent tables, then view the 'exponent_users' table. (a MySQL database is not unlike an Excel spreadsheet where you have a file (database), with several sheets (tables) and each table has rows (records) with columns (fields). Most database manager software apps let you edit an individual row/record.

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  • Thanks. Last night I did this-blanked out password.
    Stopped & started mysql (from Xampp ctl panel).
    Had no effect- logged in OK, and still missing Super-admin toolbar at top.

    So I logged out & deleted mysql database & re-installed.
    Unfortunately, I missed the radio-button for 'data' so tonight I will re-install again.

    -- I really do like Exponent CMS from what I've done so far...the easier the better :-)

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