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v2.3.0 now available

This release adds many new features and addresses many issues. It is considered a major upgrade.

This update is still an incremental upgrade to v2.2.3 (or earlier). If you update via 'git' you may experience a merge conflict due to the MANY changes. The best remedy is to have saved your database (eql file), files archive, and config.php file and when performing the 'git pull', if you receive a 'merge conflict', do this:[code]git fetch origin master
git merge -s recursive -X theirs origin/master
[/code]If you are updating from any version prior to v2.2.0 and you've been updating your themes and custom modules in accordance with all the previous updates, this will be a simple update like the others. However, if you still have some patched old school stuff (your theme makes calls to exponent_theme_xxx or has custom old school module views), you may have some tweaking to do first. What this means for the site admin is:
[list][*]When you install this software version, it'll seem as if the site has been wiped because all the modules and content will disappear UNTIL YOU RUN AN UPGRADE (as recommended)[/*]
[*]All of the old school modules will be upgraded and deleted (calendarmodule, simplepollmodule, navigationmodule, containermodule, formmodule/formbuilder, etc...)...all those files in the /framework/modules-1 folder[/*]
[*]Any old school module custom views MUST be upgraded/edited manually. See the post in the 2.0 Installation forum for details.[/*][/list]
v2.3.0 Download [url][/url]

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  • We've added a blog article descibing some of the issues and features of v2.3.0 and will have a patch out by the end of the week to address some issues we've already discovered (the fixes are already available using a git pull from the 'master' github repo branch.

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  • I made a temporary fix by duplicating both


    and renaming them


    Tab "SEO" doesn't work with this solution but you can at least add and edit navigation items otherwise.

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  • Hello,
    installed as a test first the previous version 2.2.3 with the patch 4, and then upgraded to this version 2.3.0, using the "bootstrap3theme". No changes, no tailoring.

    I had first established the navigation for the site with the previous patched version. Now tried to add a navigation item after upgrading to version 2.3.0 and it says this:

    Smarty reported: Unable to load template file '/home/sisuafri/public_html/exp/framework/modules/navigation/views/navigation/manage_hierarchy.bootstrap3.tpl' in 'manage.bootstrap3.tpl'

    There is indeed no such file of manage_hierarchy.bootstrap3.tpl in the Exp installation pack.

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  • About responsive images:

    With Bootstrap 3, for the image to be responsive you need to add the class "img-responsive" to the img tag - unlike Bootstrap 2, it is not responsive by default.

    If we are just allowing people to upload an image, I think we should simply add this to the image output on the template. Otherwise the uploaded site images are breaking mobile and tablet views in many cases.

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  • I added the class "img-responsive" by hand when inserting the image indeed now but later on it would be good to have this in the image adding script. A so called normal end-user is not able to start "hacking" the code for this. Some sites may have also very many pictures.

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  • I already have 'navigation manage' fixes posted in the 'master' githup repo which will become patch #1 . (There is actually no need (tweaks) for a bootstrap or bootstrap3 variant of the manage_xxx views, so the fix to manage.bootstrap3.tpl was to edit the two {include} filenames.)

    Yes, the img-responsive class is a good thing to implement...will be integrated in a a later patch since we haven't done any testing with it in regards to some of the views (photo galleries, slideshows). As far as WYSIWYG text, it would need to be added by the one inserting the text/image.

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