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scripts not working


On a 2.5.0 p1 installation: the admin menu is, after one time, not responding anymore. This is spontaneous, no changes have been made for a time to the website. Tried to add a page, but the pages don't load and then all the dropdowns in the admin menu are not responding as well. Please advise! Dev tools doesn't give any clue


  • If you open the browser dev window and the console tab, it should display a javascript error. Some javascript errors break the rest of the scripts on the page, sometimes this is caused by a condition which related to a remote object which has changed and is now returns null (at least most of my errors come in that way).

    If you can locate the offending javascript, we can probably work out a solution.
  • That's the thing: dev window didn't give a javascript error. Got a hunch (from a previous error) and changed the lang to English. Now it's working, but not in my lang. But still, there is something funny going on: now the form (does) give a script error: Uncaught ReferenceError: addSelectedItem is not defined
        at HTMLButtonElement.onclick
    It's in the drop down control. Can't add items
  • Though I can't think of a quick fix...might be the language has an accent which is a single quote and it clobbers the javascript when it tries to build the dropdown list, etc... e.g., the javascript ends up with an embedded single quote which closes the statement early and then the rest of the statement text is bad.
  • No, sorry. Lang is just default now, still gives this error
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