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Above/Below the fold for news posts

edited January 2016 in Modules
I'm trying to create a list of news articles, displaying a small amount of content (sometimes a paragraph or two, sometimes an image and a couple of short paragraphs, etc) and then a "read more" that links to the full article.

I can't find a way to manually configure where the break should be. In "Display News Body in List: summary" view, the 1st < p > seems to be used (the docs for 'summarize' suggest this will be the 1st paragraph or div, but wrapping my "above the fold" content in a div doesn't seem to do anything... it still cuts off after the 1st < p > ). "Display News Body in List: full" shows all of the articles in full, which isn't quite what I was hoping for either...

Is there a good way to handle this?
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