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Page with Events module is slow


I've got a page with an events module on it, the only one on this site. (expo 2.4.1 p6) No special theme or anything, but it is so slow Google speed insights can't analyze it (time out). Events have a image, but not large/heavy ones. Any ideas as to why?


  • Couple of questions:
    - is the calendar PULLING in events from an icalendar feed? If so you can set up remote calendar caching by following instructions on the 'Ical Pull' tab of the event module settings.
    - is there a large number of past events on the calendar? Click on  'Administration View', then click on 'Past Events View', If so then click on 'Purge All Past Events' (older than 30 days)

    Another possibility could be the MySQL database, if you want to optimize it, locate the command on the Exponent, Admin, Super-Admin Tools, Database menu.
  • - no calender pulling actions
    - 3 or 4 past events, 5 upcoming events
    - tried to get to the admin view of events: exponent gave me a blanco page
    - Optimized the database: no change
  • Can you send me the link to the page?
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