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This site is currently down for maintenance. Database is currently Off-line!

I first install phpstudy, and then put the exponent source file into the web root folder, when i access the, the page shows 'This site is currently down for maintenance. Database is currently Off-line!', but i start the mysql. I test it in Ubuntu14/Windows 10/Windows 7, but the page is nothing different. how to solve it?


  • Exponent MUST first be installed before it will work. The message your are receiving is intended to provide some customer friendly feedback if the database is down/offline.

    To install Exponent, point your browser to to begin. You can no longer automatically install or upgrade an installation. You also MUST be a super-admin user to upgrade a site.
  • I just want to install it, but i can't open the install page. It shows the same message.
  • Have you followed these installation instructions?

    If you point your browser to the exact url for the 'install' script it should be bringing up that page, It only reverts to the main page/maintenance page if the server is set up incorrectly. What web server are you using? We've not tested outside of apache and nginix lately.
  • yes, all follow by your document. but it still show that content. I use apache web server, and i test in windows, linux operate system and xampp, phpmyadmin enviroment. I don't know how to deal with it. It crazy me....
  • Another possibility is the package files are not 'owned' by the web server. On an ubuntu system, the extracted files must be in the same 'user' or 'group' (chown) as the web server ('www-data' on ubuntu systems). E.g., the web server cannot read the files within the subfolders due to file system permissions.
  • sorry, it is no use....... but i test other cms, they all works....
  • I'm sorry your having this difficulty. However, IF the files are extracted with the correct owner/group and the correct permissions, you should be able to 'open' the /install/index.php file to begin the installation as it should NOT error out and bump/redirect back to the /index.php file.
  • If you are using Apache on Ubuntu, you can extract the exponent files to the /var/www directory. Then chown the files to www-data. This will allow you run the exponent installation. 
  • I'm installing exponent. So surfing to mydomain/install/index.php, click the Begin installation button, nothing happens. If I refresh the page, i'm returned to the root index, not able to get to the install/index anymore. The install/not-configured is present (obviously, it's a new install). Any ideas?
  • The issue about not getting to the install page now has to do with a /framework/config.php now existing (it can't exist for an installation to begin proceed).

    No ideas on the original issue about getting to the 2nd step of an install, which is the system requirements check. About the only think I can think is somehow the whole thing crashed after creating an empty config.php and then lost track of where it was in the installation.

    In summary, for an installation to begin, you must have the 'not_configured' file and it must not have a 'config.php' file.
  • Sorry, I tried everything to install and I get the same error message to wit: Database is offlline. I can't for the life of me get this to install. I can't get past this initial page. Please advise, Thank You.
  • The message occurs when the db server can not be reached. It could be because the mysql server is down, the database name in config.php is incorrect, or the db name and/or password is incorrect.

    To initiate an installation, you must browse to yoursite.url/install/index.php .  The installation can NOT be triggered by simply going to the web site url or yoursite.url/index.php.

    HOWEVER, if this was a NEW installation with a crash in the midst of is possible fix:
    1. Ensure the database exists and is empty
    2. Delete the /framework/conf/config.php file
    3. Create a 'not_configured' file in the /install folder (touch /install/not_configured)
    4. Then run the installation by browsing to yoursite.url/install/index.php
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