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v2.4.0patch5 released to address some additioinal regression issues and update components

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This patch fixes several issues in the v2.4.0, v2.4.0patch1, v2.4.0patch2, v2.4.0patch3 and v2.4.0patch4 releases. It fixes some optional page redirection and page meta tags regression issues and updates some key components such as WYSIWYG Editors. We strongly encourage all Exponent installations be upgraded to v2.4.0 with this patch as soon as practical! Patch #5 to v2.4.0 is found at

v240patch5 adds these features to v240 previous releases:
- updates/adds/exposes support for mPDF v6.1 and DOMPDF v0.7.0, fixes html2pdf support
- adds separate forms showall_portfolio custom view configuration in addition to show item custom view

v240patch5 fixes these issues in v240 previous releases:
- regression fix (v240) <meta charset...> tag wasn't properly closed with quote
- regression fix event announcement view; edit/delete wasn't passing date_id; added copy command
- regression fix (v240p2) 404 errors NOT being dispatched unless new optional page redirection support is turned on

v240patch5 updates these 3rd party libraries in v240 previous releases:
- (optional) mPDF to v6.1.2
- (optional) DOMPDF to v0.7.0
- (optional) html2pdf to v4.6.1 and tcpdf to v6.2.13
- TinyMCE to v4.5.1
- CKEditor to v4.6.1
- moment.js to v2.17.1
- jquery.validate to v1.16.0
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