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Building website-catalog with Exponent - it is good idea?

Hi. Is creation of such catalog-page as here: is an easy thing with this CMS? There is any additional stuff, like modules for example, that facilitate the work?


  • If you are just looking at the 'catalog', the portfolio module would be a good start. You'd need to create a custom view to get it to look like that. If you are referring to individual pages with reviews, schedules, etc...we don't offer anything like that out of the box, but even that could mostly be achieved through the forms module with a custom (showall portfolio) display template.
  • Late reply, sorry. portfolio module seems to be ok, thanks. So if there is a need of custom view it should be written from a scratch because there are no pre-mades?
  • You wouldn't necessarily need to write a custom view from scratch. I would copy one of the several shipped views and work from there. Details about customizing Exponent are found here
    • Basically you'd first create a new folder in your theme named /modules/portfolio/views/portfolio/
    • Then you'd look into the system folder /framework/modules/portfolio/views/portfolio/
    • The show.tpl file is the template we use to display a single portfolio item (when you click on that item in the list). You'll note it is primarily straight HTML but with some curly brace tags which are commands and variables for the Smarty v3 template engine.
    • The portfolioitem.tpl file is the template we use to display each portfolio item in the list of all module portfolio item. However it gets a little more complex from there since this template is included/inserted into the portfoliolist.tpl file, which in turn is included/inserted into the showall.tpl or showall.bootstrap3.tpl file (depending on the theme framework being used)
  • Whoah, huge thanks for all these tips and advices :D they are really useful, thanks for help :)
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