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Order received over the phone

I'd like to use my existing e-commerce site to process orders we receive over the phone. We are using Paypal's Payflow Pro as the payment processor. Is there a way I can manually enter an order and the customer's credit card information? I see that I can create an order, but I can't find where I would enter the credit card information. 


  • In theory, that's what the Pass-Thru billing calculator seems to have been designed for? E.g., you log on as an admin (store clerk) and create an order the regular way...but I've not fully tried it.
  • Nope, that (Pass-thru) doesn't work since it only accepts cash and will assign the order to the admin user.
  • It looks like the code isn't really set up to work with the split credit card billing calculator.

    A work-around would be to create a new user account for that customer yourself (you could log off, then fill the cart and fill in the details (address, etc... during checkout). I'll add a note to fix/add this feature, but it won't make it into v2.4.0 which is coming out real soon.
  • Thanks for checking. I was fairly certain that I was on the right track with Pass-Thru. I had thought of creating an account for the customer but wanted to see if there was another way. Next time we have a customer that calls in, thats what I will do.
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