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Deleted All Standalone Pages

I wanted to delete a whole bunch of old standalone pages that made there way over from an old upgrade/migration.

I didn't realize though, that the main page that typically loads at 'PATH_RELATIVE' was essentially delete as well.  I have a database backup... where can I find that standalone page again.

I would also be able to rebuild the main page, but I seem to get forwarded to another of my pages now when I hit the root address.  Why is that happening and how can I fix that?

Thank you.


  • 'Pages' are stored in the 'section' table where parent = 0 is a top level page/menu or parent = -1 is a standalone page (or parent = xx is a sub-page of it's parent)

    ALL the content/modules of that page (along with the other pages you deleted) was sent to the recycle bin, so the content should still remain which can be restored by creating a new module of that type and using the 'Recycle Bin' button/link on the 'Add Module' page...though you may have a lot of old modules to search through, all the old modules of that type will be displayed.

    Regarding the 'default page' selection, you've described an odd condition...we route the default page based on what is selected in the Site Configuration Settings, OR we route to the last page...otherwise the default page is set to null and not sure what might occur (most likely what you are seeing)
  • Thanks, this information helped me get things back the way I wanted.

    Out of curiosity, is there a way to clear out what's in the recycling bin in some sort of batch delete?

    Thanks again.
  • If you're logged on as a super-admin, under the Super-Admin Tools of the Exponent menu, you'll find 'View Recycle Bin'. Depending on the number of total items in the recycle bin, it may take a while to display, but there is a 'Empty Recycle Bin' button/link at the top of the page which removes EVERYTHING!

    BE ADVISED that this is when module content is actually removed from the database and you may still be displaying some of this content if you were/are aggregated to those modules before there were removed (sent to the recycle bin). The method to 'transfer' content from one module (say like one in the recycle bin) to another (say like one that's now on a new page), is to use the 'Merge Aggregated Content' button that appears on the item (next to the edit and delete item buttons).
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