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v2.3.8patch5 released to fix issues in previous patch4

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The fifth patch to the v2.3.8 release is available to fix some big issues: since v2.3.8patch2 any files created/uploaded within the elFinder file manager have the wrong permissions and are unusable. Also the new drag-n-drop form designer for Bootstrap 3 based themes prevented adding a control to an empty or new form. We've also now allow for a custom configuration file for the CKEditor

v2.3.8 patch #5 can be applied to any site already running v2.3.8, v2.3.8patch1, v2.3.8patch2, v2.3.8patch3, and v2.3.8patch4. It should be noted that the new 'Update permissions' upgrade scripts will help lock down the site by updating ALL file and folder permissions except for the 'cgi-bin' folder, including turning off the 'execute' bit. We recommend any site running v2.3.0 or later to update to v2.3.8 then install this patch. INSTALL AS AN EXTENSION PATCH,

v238patch5 adds these features to all previous releases of v238:
- allows for custom ckeditor config.js within theme (/themes/customtheme/editors/ckeditor/config.js)
v238patch5 fixes these issues in all previous releases of v238:
- regression fix (v238p4) unable to add any controls to a new or empty form using new bs3 drag/drop form designer
- regression fix (v238p2+) elFinder uploaded files and new folders/text files have wrong/unusable permissions (NO read)
- fix issue with bootstrap (3?) and navigation/showall Collapsing views since 'collapsing' is a reserved class in bs3 which hides contents
v238patch5 updates these 3rd party libraries in all previous releases of v238:
- none
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