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v2.3.8patch1 released with several fixes and a few tweaks

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The first patch to the v2.3.8 release is available. v2.3.8 patch #1 can be applied to any site already running v2.3.8. It should be noted that the new 'Update permissions' upgrade scripts will help lock down the site by updating ALL file and folder permissions except for the 'cgi-bin' folder, including turning off the 'execute' bit. We recommend any site running v2.3.0 or later to update to v2.3.8 then install this patch. INSTALL AS AN EXTENSION PATCH,

v238patch1 adds these features to v238:
- add (upload) image display in form module show, showall_portfolio (with no custom configuration), and email default_report views
- we now display the graphic for an 'image' field in the confirm_data view
- adds showall records button/link to form module (individual) show view
- adds form module showall view setting to prevent individual record viewing
- adds optional lightbox (jquery colorbox) for event on event module showall Upcoming Events Headlines view
- updates bootstrap3 show product and photoalbum showall accordion views to use colorbox lightbox instead of yui3
- adds jquery based bootstrap3 view for attached files in Showcase & Slideshow views

v238patch1 fixes these issues in v238:
!!! fix to actually skip over 'cgi-bin' for 'check permissions' upgrade scripts
!!! regression fix possible issue with extraneous directory separator in a phpThumb generated thumbnail
!!! regression fix ecommerce error when easypost shipping calculator isn't set up
!!! fix form next/prev issue
!!! regression fix remove redundant 'read more' link for news module showall views; 
!!! regression fix file download module views redundant 'read more' links; add 'read more' link if configured for quick download without item body
!!! allow form control names 'email' & 'image' to be any case for processing in the views
!!! form module did not properly process a 'reloaded' uploadcontrol
!!! we now use field names in the form module showall and confirm_data views to properly process 'email' and 'image' fields
!!! regression fix form submission/display within multi-page datatables (user/group permissions & view event registrants)

v238patch1 updates these 3rd party libraries in v238:
- updates jstree to v3.3.1 with bug fixes
- updates font-awesome to v4.6.2

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