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How to make Flydown menu always be collapsed?

To make it work, I think I need to edit the @grid-float-breakpoint variable in my theme's variables.less file? I tried editing that variable but I didn't see any change. 


  • The route you are taking would more easily be accomplished using the (bootstrap) theme configuration setting 'Mobile Menu Collapse Width' to something like maybe 2000?  I've not tried this, but it's the setting we provide for which would also affect the slingbar.
  • I don't see an option for that in the theme configuration. Is it something I need to add in config.php?
  • edited April 2016
    It equates to the following in the theme's config.php
    which is injected into the .less files as a variable via the theme template expTheme::head() call which converts it from a php constant to a .less variable.
  • I tried adjusting that value but it doesn't cause the menu to be collapsed. I tried making the value be 9999999 and still didn't get the menu to collapse. Changing the value to 69 had no effect either. 
  • You may/will have to force a .less file recompile by clearing the CSS/Minify cache.  It works for me locally when I set the value to 2769, however, the slingbar acts a little odd, but can also be fixed by editing /external/bootstrap3/less/newui.less and changing the following line from 'cerulean' to 'newui'
    @themepath: "newui";
    And you'll also need to create a new folder '/external/bootstrap3/less/newui/' and then add a single file to it named 'variables.less' with these contents
    @grid-float-breakpoint: @menu_width + 0px; 
    These fixes will be incorporated into the next release (v2.3.8 or v2.3.7patch5)
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