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v2.3.7patch3 released with many fixes and tweaks

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The third patch to the v2.3.7 release is available. v2.3.4 patch #3 can be applied to any site already running v2.3.7, v2.3.7patch1, or v2.3.7patch2. We recommend any site running v2.3.0 or later to update to v2.3.7 then install this patch. INSTALL AS AN EXTENSION PATCH,

v237patch3 adds these features to v237, v237patch1, and v237patch2:
- a better 'read more' implementation for summarized text
- implements a twitter bootstrap 3 based date/time picker widget
- implements a new slideshow/carousel for bootstrap 3 photoalbum (Owl Carousel 2)
- now allows optional image and author selection per podcast/rss feed
- an autosave feature to wysiwyg editors to help recover from page crashes

v237patch3 fixes these issues in v237, v237patch1, and v237patch2:
!!! Security fix for vulnerability using malformed associative arrays
!!! Regression fix possible save/delete action permissions issue using text module inline edit view
- better implementation of setting (new) file/folder permissions (2 new optional upgrade scripts to assist)
- some faq module views and styles were broken
- simplifies .htaccess file

v237patch3 updates these 3rd party libraries in v237, v237patch1, and v237patch2:
- TimyMCE editor to v4.3.3
- easypost library to v3.0.1
- jQuery to v1.12.0 & v2.2.0, w/ migrate to v1.3.0
- bootstrap-dialog to v1.34.9
- elFinder to v2.1.6

v237patch2 adds these features to v237 and v237patch1:
- elFinder cache now moved to its own /tmp folder
- new global setting to Save Inline Editing Changes w/o Prompt
- styling tweaks to the sample bootstrap3theme
- removes display of urls when printing from Chrome browser with a bootstrap 3 theme
- updates bootstrap 3 rss/ical link icons to be orange regardless of font color
- updates form input placeholder styles to look less like an entry

v237patch2 fixes these issues in v237 and v237patch1:
!!! Regression fix no workflow (revisions/approval) feedback using text module inline edit view
- User now see immediate workflow feedback when editing inline
!!! Regression fix workflow styling missing in bootstrap 3
!!! Regression fix unable to edit/copy existing calendar events
!!! Regression fix problem selecting insert links with ckeditor within inline edit text module views
!!! Regression fix import items (blog?) with attachments didn't import attachments
!!! Regression fix manage categories would only work with 1st 50 system categories
!!! Regression fix some blog views displayed default date/author/category instead of item's info
!!! Regression fix re-order dialog in portfolio module odd styling
- cleans up optional ajax paging links
- xmlrpc now returns entire blog content instead of summary for getRecentPosts call
- several code warnings eliminated which would choke ajax/xmlrpc calls
- we now prevent display of internal alias menu items if the target page is invisible
- updates bootstrap 2/3 'more' type links to become buttons
- in the bootstrap3theme sample theme
- removes unnecessary space above collapsed navbar when slingbar not present
- reduce size of header for bs3 accordion views

v237patch2 updates these 3rd party libraries in v237 and v237patch1:
- quick file upload widget upgraded back to v2.4.0

v237patch1 adds these features to v237:
- CKEditor now used as file editor within elFinder if set as system WYSIWYG editor

v237patch1 fixes these issues in v237:
!!! Regression fix for broken quick file upload, uploaded files were truncated at zero bytes
- bootstrap 2/3 tags input (tagpicker) styling corrected

v237patch1 updates these 3rd party libraries in v237:

- quick file upload widget downgraded to v2.3.0
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