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v2.3.4 now available

This release continues to fine tune and fix many of the features added in the previous major version upgrade (v2.3.0). If you are already running v2.3.0, v2.3.1, v2.3.2, or v2.3.3 you are encouraged to upgrade. If you are running an older version, we recommend you test the installation before upgrading a production server. You MUST be logged in as an admin user to upgrade Exponent.

As with the previous release (v2.3.3), we no longer support servers running PHP v5.2.x. If you are not running at least PHP v5.3.x, you will see a blank page when attempting to browse to the site, and an error message if attempting to install or upgrade. We also no longer automatically display a login box on the 'maintenance' view. You must specifically attempt to log on with the siteurl/login.php command and the database must be up and running. This change is to present a more professional 'maintenance' view the optional 'countdown' timer.

If you update via 'git' you may experience a merge conflict due to the MANY changes. The best remedy is to have saved your database (eql file), files archive, and config.php file and when performing the 'git pull', if you receive a 'merge conflict', do this:

git fetch origin master git merge -s recursive -X theirs origin/master

If you are updating from any version prior to v2.2.0 and you've been updating your themes and custom modules in accordance with all the previous updates, this will be a simple update like the others. However, if you still have some patched old school stuff (your theme makes calls to exponent_theme_xxx or has custom old school module views), you may have some tweaking to do first. What this means for the site admin is:

* When you install this software version, it'll seem as if the site has been wiped because all the modules and content will disappear UNTIL YOU RUN AN UPGRADE (as recommended)
* All of the old school modules will be upgraded and deleted (calendarmodule, simplepollmodule, navigationmodule, containermodule, formmodule/formbuilder, etc...)...all those files in the /framework/modules-1 folder
* Any old school module custom views MUST be upgraded/edited manually. See the post in the 2.0 Installation forum for details.

v2.3.4 Download

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  • I just installed 2.3.4 coming from 2.3.3. I'm not sure if this is an issue with 2.3.4, but it won't save changes I make to the order of the navbar items under 'Manage Pages'.

    Am I missing something? I don't see a 'Save' option or anything.


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  • This fix should be released in a few days as v2.3.4patch1. The changes (new order) are saved when you drop the page in its new location. See this article

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  • Thanks Dave... That work around did the trick for me.

    I am also wondering if there's a fix for the navbar when it's in responsive mode (small screen). I have multilevel menu items and it doesn't operate correctly when on a small screen.

    If I open a top level navbar item that's near the top, it skews the other top level items to the right side and the links on the left link to the top level items that are visible and skewed to the right.

    I noticed that the Exponent navbar works great with multilevel items in responsive mode.

    Is this a bug, a bootstrap 3 issue, or something else?

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  • I see the issue even if I'm not logged in (and thus no exponent navbar visible either).

    The exponent navbar seems to work fine... I also noticed that the exponent navbar child items opens on hover instead of click.

    Wondering what CSS/JS is being used for that navbar as opposed to the base template one?


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  • I've started working on what I think is the issue you describe...we do some work-arounds w/ bootstrap 3 since it's not friendly for multi-level menus, especially those with more than 2 levels (parent/top level and children only). Biggest issue might be having two (2) navbars on the screen at one time (though I don't think so). I'll take a look at the regular navbar.

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  • A problem with bootstrap 3 is that it doesn't allow 3rd level navbar items (them one's which hover/open). Therefore, we leaned toward it acting as the previous menus did. There is likely some style outside of the /external/bootstrap3 stuff we are using to get the hover effect.

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  • Ok, the hover effect was really just a bonus. Are you saying I can't have 3rd level navbar items? Is that what's causing my issue?

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