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Responsive images and Bootstrap3

IIf I add class="img-responsive" to the image tag, I get this:

The ebay store logo is the image in question.

If I don't add the class I get this, which is how I want it to look, but want the image to responsive for phone and tablets.

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  • The bs3 'img-responsive includes a 'display:block' styling, so you'd have to add/create a new class for that entry to set the style to 'display:inline'. I'm not sure you want it to be a responsive image though?

    This (img-responsive) applies max-width: 100%;, height: auto; and display: block; to the image so that it scales nicely to the parent element. from

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  • Dave, I think your right about wanting it to be responsive. I've decided to leave it alone for now.

    However, in my quest to have my site make better use of the bootstrap3 framework, I found a new stumbling block; Google maps. I've been playing with various tutorials regarding BS3 and Google maps. I can get it to look OK on desktop but when I look at the site on my iPhone 5S, the map is useless. The site url is

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  • First off, I'd not make it 2 columns with the style 'col-xs-6' which keeps it 2 columns on even small (smartphone) devices. I'd suggest making them col-sm-6' which would be 2 columns on all but the smallest devices (smartphones), then it'd stack on the smartphone.

    If you want the map to stack to the top, yet be on the right, you could use a combination of the col-sm-push-6/col-sm-push-6 like we do in the main template for the bootstrap3theme...that way on small devices and larger it makes it look one way, but on the extra-small devices (smartphones), it stacks in sequence.

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  • After some more googling I found a tutorial that explained more about push vs pull in Bootstrap. It also show me that the order of the HTML mattered so by using their example I came up with this:

    <?php expTheme::module(array("controller"=>"container","action"=>"showall","view"=>"showall","source"=>"@left", "scope"=>"sectional")); ?>

    <?php expTheme::main(); ?>

    Which gets me the intended result (map on top on smartphone, in the right column on desktop). It just required another sub-theme.

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