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Missing Directories After Install

I've tried repeated installs and the same thing happens. There is no administrator directory. I selected the defaults during the configuration wizard. When I login the first time and select I want to configure my site, I get this message: The requested URL /hcc/administration/configure_site was not found on this server. When I look in the file system, yep, it's NOT there. What am I missing?


  • Version 2.5.0 - after unzipping in Linux filesystem, the administration directory does not exist. It is not present in the zip file either.
  • There is no physical command/folder structure, it's all handled by url rewriting. If that 'feature' isn't turned on (module not activated within the web server/apache settings) then you'll have to use the long url notation.

    Once you activate the apached url_rewrite module you can active SEF URLs in Exponent on the Site Configuration settings.
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