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Order of controls in forms

I'm using exponent 2.5.0 p1. The static text control in a form doesn't appear in the spot I put it (after exiting forms designer). Tried several times to drag & drop it in the correct place afterwards, but it keeps appearing somewhere else. Deleted the control, tried again. Cleared cache, tried again. I'm out of options..


  • We've updated the drag & drop widget a few times since I've used it to move controls. The page is saving changes in the background, so it's possible the display doesn't reflect what's in the DB. You might try moving the control(s) above or below the one you are trying to place to passively move this static control into the correct location and then refresh the screen to get what you're looking for? 
  • Did that several times, controls above and below, still gets scrambled. Everytime I exit the form builder, some controls are out of place. Given up for now...
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