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Blank Pages in "not Public" pages with Group Permission

Exponent V 2.2.3 fully patched and operational
No issues on public side.
Built new pages for a "Members Only" section.
Assigned "Members Only" group permission to 200 users. View only access to "Members Only" pages with a designated "landing page"
Pages are "Active" and not marked "Public".
Pages are marked for "Members Only" group permissions.
When I test and log in as a User, I can access the menu and pages but they are not populated. The data only appears when I'm logged in as admin.

What did I miss?

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  • One possibility might be the new 'Privacy' feature is making things too private. Go to the Exponent menu and select Configure Website. On the 'Security' tab, try turning off the 'Privacy' feature, by checking it off to disable it and then saving the change. The intent of the feature is to prevent search engines and users from directly going to private/non-public pages, but it sometimes has issues if pages/modules were move around.

    You also need to confirm you ran an 'upgrade' and specifically the 'Attempt to fix the sectionref table' script. You can quickly run it from inside Exponent using the Exponent menu, Super-Admin Tools item, Extensions item, the Run Upgrade Scripts. This attempts to fix some database problems that could cause this symptom.

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  • No "Privacy" option in Security tab. ??
    Ran script(s) and received a bank page with text menu down the left side. Strange behavior.
    Any idea what I should look for in the tables themselves?

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  • If you are indeed running v2.2.3 patch#4 (patch#5 was released yesterday to address 2 nasty bugs), you will have the option at the bottom of the Security tab. Note this picture

    The issue with the tables is primarily duplicated records and a field wasn't updated in the sectionref table to reflect the new page/section when a module was moved.

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  • Thanks. Will install patch#5 and check this evening.

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  • Ran patch and updated database. Still unable to see pages when logged in with permission. See screen shots( the 2 "admin" named images are what I now get as admin screens. No theme applied, just a white page with stacked format. The other 2 images are what I should get and what I get.

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  • OK user permission issue resolved. I went back to the security and put the check back in(that is the default setting in the update but it did not work) and now the permissions are working as desired. The members only sections are viewable to members.
    Now I have to fix the screen format. It seems the stacked issue is only in the admin views. The white page is universal.

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  • From the pictures, it looks as if the page is 'breaking' before completely sent to the browser. You should turn 'Error Reporting' on AND open up the web browser 'console' by hitting the F12 key. When you refresh/reload the page any javascript errors should appear in within the 'console' window and any php errors should appear in the browser window likely at the bottom of what is displayed. These two outputs should provide a clue as to what is going on.

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  • Thanks for the suggestion.
    Found a couple of issues and fixed them, but not the formatting.
    It seems to only occur when opening a page to edit.

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  • Correction. Calendar appears correct until you select next month. Then all formatting is gone.

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  • Do you have an updated example pic? E.g., are you saying the new month appears but is improperly formatted, or it doesn't appear at all?

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