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v3.0.1patch1 released to update v3.0.0rc1 to v3.0.1 and fix anomalies with that release

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NOTE: DO NOT INSTALL THIS PATCH ON A SERVER RUNNING PHP v7.3!!! Your web site will no longer run! PHP versions older than v7.4 are very obsolete and we do not support them. This version removes support for PHP v5.6, v7.0, v7.1, v7.2 and v7.3 since they are considered obsolete.

This patch adds some features to v3.0.0rc1 and fixes a number of anomalies. It updates many 3rd party libraries.  All Exponent CMS users running at least PHP version 7.4 are encouraged to consider moving their installations to v3.0.1 and to install this patch!! Patch #1 to v3.0.1 is found at
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