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News module improvement

None of display of news module have control of how many lines (or characters) appear in list display, so the content is the same in the list and in the "read more" . One good improvement to news module is control this stuff. Today or I display the all the content or not.
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  • Actually most of the news modules allow you to control what is displayed. Open the module configuration settings and on the 'News' tab you'll see the 'Display News Body in List' with several options below it: Full (the entire article), Summary (the first para or div), Page (allows you to use the 'insert page break' command in the editor to set a hard location anywhere in the article to separate the rest of the text), and None (none of the body is displayed only the title).

    If you are aware of this and still having problems, are you using the Default, Recent, or Announcement (showall) view?

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