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recommended I learn PHP

I know one is open source and the other is microsoft. I want to create a database driven website and have only ever learned basic ASP and SQL many years ago. People have recommended I learn PHP these days, but I am not entirely sure why...other than it's cheaper (I think?) Which one is the easiest to learn and write? I never had to spend money when I wrote ASP before so I'm not sure where the cost issue comes in (more expensive to host?)
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  • .asp/MS-SQL is less prevalent on the internet since it requires the host web server run MS Windows. Whereas .php/MySQL runs on any PC including those running Linux (or a derivative) so it is therefore a broader based solution.

    As you had stated, if the customer can afford the greater cost of providing/purchasing a fully loaded 'Windows' machine, there is little difference except that PHP code solutions are generally available at a reduced cost whereas .asp/MS-SQL solutions typically are at cost.
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