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edited September 2013 in General Support
When I open the link to a file on our site,, the page name defaults to something other than what the file is. Is there a setting to name the page? The page name also appears to vary based on what browser you are using.

For example, on when choosing the Enrollment Forms tab and then selecting the Family Application link in Firefox, the new page opens with the Family App form and the page is titled "Northwood Community Learning Center". This would cause confusion amongst users as we have multiple Learning Centers in the area. When opened in IE, the page is titled I would like the page to be titled whatever the link is. However, I would settle for the IE default


  • This was supposed to be fixed/changed in the most recent version release v2.2.2. I'll check it out.
  • FYI - I just checked and we are running v2.2.2.
  • OK, it appears to be something related to the browser (OS) and the pdf handler? Not sure I (myself) can track down a solution since this is occurring OUTSIDE of's a simple file transfer of a pdf file on the server to your computer which is then previewed/displayed in the browser instead of downloaded (a browser setting). In fact, I'm not even sure how Firefox is getting the site name (as opposed to url) since it's not being transmitted with the file from what I can determine.
  • Thanks for checking it out. I appreciate it.
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