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v2.2.1 now available

edited August 2013 in Announcements
This latest release further refines and enhances the v2.2.0 release. Need we say this includes many features and fixes many anomalies?

This update is an incremental upgrade to v2.2.0 (or earlier). If you update via 'git' you may experience a merge conflict due to the MANY changes. The best remedy is to have saved your database (eql file), files archive, and config.php file and when performing the 'git pull', if you receive a 'merge conflict', do this:
git fetch origin master
git merge -s recursive -X theirs origin/master
If you are updating from any version prior to v2.2.0...If you've been updating your themes and custom modules in accordance with all the previous updates, this will be a simple update like the others. However, if you still have some patched old school stuff (your theme makes calls to exponent_theme_xxx or has custom old school module views), you may have some tweaking to do first. What this means for the site admin is:
  • When you install this software version, it'll seem as if the site has been wiped because all the modules and content will disappear UNTIL YOU RUN AN UPGRADE (as recommended)[/*]
  • All of the old school modules will be upgraded and deleted (calendarmodule, simplepollmodule, navigationmodule, containermodule, formmodule/formbuilder, etc...)...all those files in the /framework/modules-1 folder[/*]
  • Any old school module custom views MUST be upgraded/edited manually. See the post in the 2.0 Installation forum for details.[/*]
v2.2.1 Download


  • Hi,
    is it so that in this version 2.2.1 the FAQ module is not having an accordion view anymore? The previous version still had and it works very nicely also with responsive layout.

    EDITED: Actually "Text module" has the accordion. That will be fine in this case then. ;)
  • Well, since you mention it...we'll have a NEW 'toggle' view for the faq module in 2.2.2 (which will probably be released much sooner than the end of the year). This is equivalent to an 'accordion' view in most cases, as each question can be collapsed (initially or in a click) to only its title.
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